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Ceramic Braces

You can straighten your teeth quickly and much more discreetly with our subtle ceramic braces. They are just as effective as traditional braces but blend into the background with tooth-coloured wires and Clarity”‘ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets, which are made from a translucent ceramic material.

The smaller size and rounded corners of these clever little brackets mean less irritation and more comfort. Despite their light colour, the brackets are also resistant to staining so will not discolour over the course of your treatment. And, as we can use tooth-coloured ties this orthodontic system will look and feel much less intrusive and you will be able to clean your teeth more easily.

Clarity brackets are quickly fixed to your teeth and with the revolutionary stress concentrator and unique de-bonding slot, when the time comes to remove your braces, they can be detached easily with less force, which means the risk of damage to your teeth is greatly reduced.

Ceramic braces are suitable for many patients and, with highly predictable results, you will be able to smile confidently both during and after treatment.

The benefits

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