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Long Term Retainer Wear

Now that you have your confident smile and beautifully straight teeth, it’s important you keep them that way.

Retainers are designed to do just that and you must wear them as instructed. If you do not wear them as instructed your teeth will drift back towards their original position. We advise all our patients wear removable Essix retainers; however, some patients will occasionally need to have fixed retainers as well.

At the end of orthodontic treatment, research shows that your teeth will want to drift back towards their initial positions, this is what we call ‘Relapse’.

In the short term (for approximately the first year) there is a very high risk of relapse; this is mainly due to the elastic memory of the ligaments holding the teeth to the bone.

In the long term, because teeth are like everything else in our body are alive and changing, and like anything, nature didn’t originally intend a little upkeep is required.

Retainers ensure your teeth stay straight and therefore form a vital part of the treatment, they are the only way to guarantee that your teeth stay perfect and you must wear these as directed on a long term basis.

The modern approach is that removable retainers should be worn on an ongoing life-long basis. It is advised that they are worn every single night for the first year, then reduced to three nights a week for the rest of your life or as long as you want to keep them straight.
This is the only way to minimise the risk of unwanted tooth movement.

Should you have any concerns regarding your retainers or the alignment of your teeth please telephone us on 01305259417 and we will advise you appropriately or arrange to see you if required.

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