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Retainer Instructions

  1. It is important you wear the retainers every night. If you forget for a night, we advise you wear the retainers for a few extra hours the very next day.
  2. For the first night, we suggest you wear your retainers a couple of hours before you go to bed so you can get used to them.
  3. Once you have your retainers in for the night make sure that you have nothing to eat or drink but cold water.
  4. In the morning take the retainers out and clean your teeth as normal, once your teeth are brushed it is important to then clean your retainers, this can be done by using your normal toothbrush and cold running water. (Do not use hot water or toothpaste as this can damage the plastic.)
  5. If you go on holiday make sure that you take your retainers with you. If you leave the retainers out, even for a few days your teeth are likely to move and the retainers will no longer fit.
  6. When the retainers are not being worn please keep them in the hard plastic box provided. If you lose or break the retainers the NHS charges £66.70 to replace each retainer.
  7. After today we will make a four-month review appointment for you, please ensure you bring your retainers with you to this appointment.
  8. For the first year we will replace retainers due to normal wear and tear, however, if you require replacement retainers after this, there will be a charge made.
  9. We advise if you have any problems or concerns between now and your next appointment to please contact the practice on 01305 259417.

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Please note that we are closed for lunch between 1.00pm and 2.00pm.