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Incognito Braces

If you’ve always longed for straighter teeth but aren’t keen on sporting a highly visible, fixed brace for months on end, then the revolutionary Incognito™ brace could be the answer.

This effective, yet discreet, system is particularly popular with adults as it offers a fast acting, more subtle and cost effective alternative to traditional braces.

In contrast to unsightly metal braces, which are fixed to the front surface of the teeth, the Incognito™ brace is an invisible ‘lingual’ brace, featuring gold cast brackets that are positioned on the inside surfaces of your teeth. This hidden brace works in a similar way to conventional fixed braces, offering precise movement but less obviously and more comfortably.

At Dorchester Orthodontic Clinic we use the latest computer technology so the braces are customised for each individual patient, ensuring highly accurate results.

If you only want to smarten up the look of your front teeth or perhaps tidy up orthodontic treatment you received as a child – the Incognito™ Lite is a speedy and cost effective option. This is ideal for less complex cases and can be used on up to eight of your front teeth – significantly transforming your smile in a matter of months.

The benefits

The fitting process

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